Money Dance - Dollar Dance - Honeymoon Dance

Call it the Money Dance, Dollar Dance, honeymoon Dance, It is a time honored dance where the guests make an Monetary offering for the opportunity to dance with the bride or groom. This gesture is a way of wishing good fortune upon the newly married couple as well as helping them out financially.  The bills can be pinned to the bride and groom or placed in a purse-like pouch worn by them before the guest has the opportunity to dance with them.  Some wear a ribbon sash for pinning the money to.

It can be helpful to have "Special Attendants" help by organizing the line-up of guests, handing out the pins, or explaining to the guests to put money in the bag, and signaling when it is time to change partners. Children as well as adults of all ages can enjoy the money dance. Once the money dance starts, it is best to let it continue until everyone who wants to has had a chance to participate. When the dwindles down to zero, the bride and groom may finish the last song by dancing together.

To assure a smooth flow of events, it is best to do the Toasts and Cake Cutting immediately after the dinner, before the first dance and other special dances. The money dance is best done immediately afterward, this assures most of the guests are still there. The DJ can then open the dance floor to everyone.

This Dance can be used at Graduation parties and other events as well! .. 

The day is YOURS - make it special!

The Music

No one knows your guests better than YOU - so pick the style that best suits you and your guests.  Traditionally, the most successful songs for this dance has been slow yet upbeat ones.  To suggest a few:

Stand By Me                                               Ben E. King
That's What Friends Are For                       Dionne Warwick
You've Got A Friend                                   James Taylor
Why Don't We Just Dance                          Josh Turner
Kiss the Bride                                            Elton John
Count On Me                                            Whitney Houston
You’ve Got A Friend In Me                       Newman/Lovett
Ten Cents A Dance                                   Doris Day
At Last                                                      Etta James
Save The Last Dance For Me                     Michael Buble
My Girl                                                     Temptations
The Bridal Dance Polka                             Mark Buza Orchestra

Faster  and 'Fun' Songs suggestions:

Money                                                        Pink Floyd        
Money Makes The World Go Around         Kander        
Money, Money, Money                               ABBA
Hey Big Spender                                         Sweet Charity
The Money Song                                         Monty Python        
We Need The Money                                  Chuck Brown
If I Had A Million Dollars                            Bare Naked Ladies
When I'm 64                                              The Beatles
Take The Money And Run                          Steve Miller Band
For The Love Of Money                              O'Jays
I Got You Babe                                           Sonny & Cher
Mony, Mony                                                Billy Idol

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