Songs to make Garter Toss Fun

Cody Sims - doing the garter toss
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Garter Toss is another time honored tradition.  This is typically done with a special "toss Garter" put on the bride for this occasion, so she can keep the one worn for the wedding.  It is done right after the 'Bouquet Toss"

A chair is placed in center of room for bride to sit.  The Groom then gets down on one knee and removes the garter.  Once he has the garter, he slings it over his shoulder (or head) towards the single guys waiting to catch it.

After it is caught - some parties end it there ... others continue the fun by having the garter catcher place garter on the leg of the lady who caught the bouquet.

What makes this really fun is the music.  Up beat, sexy, fun songs are the best.

Some titles are:

  1. Danger Zone                              - Kenny Loggins
  2. Legs                                             - ZZ Top
  3. You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
  4. Mission Impossible                 - Danny Elfman 
  5. One Hot Mama                          - Trace Akins
  6. Fever                                           - Peggy Lee
  7. Theme From Rocky                - soundtrack
  8. Wild Thing                                  -Troggs
  9. Wild Thing                                 - Tone Loc
  10. Bad Mama Jama                      - Carl Carlton
  11. Bad To The Bone                    - George Thorogood
  12. Foxy Lady                                 - Jimi Hendrix
  13. I Like It, I Love It                       - Tim McGraw
  14. Maneater                                   - Hall and Oates
  15. Cherry Pie                                 - Warrant
What are your favorites?


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