Much Ado about the Centerpieces

Design By Traci's - Ft Payne, AL

The centerpieces of the Reception tables add to the whole atmosphere of the wedding.  But what are you going to do with them all after wards?   Many times guests will not only love to have one, but will fight for them.  To avoid this type of scene, try one of these ideas:

Give the DJ ( or best man, maid of honor etc) one question per table.  The guest at that table that correctly guesses the answer wins the centerpiece from that table.
Questions about the couple are great for weddings such as:
  • How long did they date?
  • Where did they meet?
  • Grooms favorite sport
  • Brides childhood nickname
  • Where are they going on Honeymoon?
And you can add in things like:
  • Everyone close your eyes - now what is the color scheme of the wedding?
  • How many attendants do the Bridal party have? ( trick question - they must count all including ring bearer, etc)
  • Name one Song played during the ceremony.

Design by Centre Florist - Centre, AL

For OTHER Parties with centerpieces try:
  • Name That Tune - Have DJ play a section of a song - Have guess name that tune
  • Finish the song - Play a section of song and they must sing the next line
  • Trivia about Company, family, etc
  • ask men the name and ages of their kids , birth dates, anniversary date etc (always interesting!)

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