Outdoor Weddings Take Extra Planning

Picture Perfect Tented Wedding
Outdoor Weddings have always been popular, and the trend is really growing.  They can be more cost effective (no need for a venue - a backyard will do) can hold more people (limited only by ground space) and are 'kid friendly' ( you can set aside a 'play area').  They also can be a romantically fresh setting ( nothing more romantic than a dance under the stars)  BUT - outdoor weddings can be a huge gamble - you are betting against Mother Nature.

Weather is top concern when planning any outdoor affair, now double that for a wedding.  Of course, rain (or snow) is the number one issue, but extreme cold and heat as well as bright sunlight and damp evening dew come into play.  When it comes to planning an outdoor wedding, the brides need to follow the Boy Scout Motto: BE PREPARED!

  1. Be Covered:  unless you have a pavillion in your backyard, tenting is a must.  Of course, tenting offers some protection against those stray showers, but also offers protection against the harsh sunlight and the evening dew for you and your guests.  Be sure to provide tenting as well for your DJ or Band (they need to keep equipment protected), and for your food (sun and potato salad don't mix).
  2. Be on Guard:  The last thing you want is for your guests to be eaten alive by mosquitos, or worse, stung by a bee.  Spray area down with a good repellent like Yard Guard.  We also recommend using citronella - candles or oil in tiki lamps can be incorporated into your decor, adding to the romance as well as offering protection.
  3. Be Aware: That pretty ivy growing up the tree just might be Poison Ivy ...The serene creek just might be home to Cottonmouths.  Nature is full of surprises - Double Check everything
  4. Be Cool:  Or warm as the case maybe.  How much fun can anyone have if they are sweating or freezing? Set up fans in summer, and outdoor heaters in winter.  Do not rely on the indoors - thinking those who get too hot (or cold) are welcome to go inside to cool off ( warm up), unless that is where you want the party to end up at.
  5. Be Hydrated:  WATER - it is vital for those summertime weddings.  Tea and punch are nice, but water is a must have. (and cheap!)
  6. Be Ready:  All the above will not work if it comes severe weather.  Be sure to have an alternative plan to move it all indoors.  If you plan to move into your house, be sure to already have it 'mapped out' as to where everything will go to avoid last minute stress

Successful Backup Plan
2 Wolves DJ Service has done many of outdoor weddings, and this list comes from our accumulated  experience over the years.  What tips would you offer?  What are the best (or worst) outdoor weddings you have seen?

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