When Planning Your Wedding Reception - Don't Overlook The DJ

The key to a successful wedding reception is planning.  For the most part, brides tend to focus more on the way the room will look, what food will be served and lastly think about the entertainment, simply assuming it will be fun.  How could it not be?  Afterall it is a happy event!

The entertainment is the most crucial factor in whether or not it is a blast or a bust.  So, when planning your celebration here are 5 simple tips as compiled by Brian S Redd - a very well respected DJ turned DJ Tutor - often featured in Disc Jockey News.  I added in my thoughts - comments under each one, to further help you in your planning.

5 Tips To Make Your Wedding Reception As Successful As Possible
By Brian S Redd

1 — When doing seating arrangements, Do Not Put Grandma In Front Of The Speakers.
Your older guests usually want to chat. Even at lower dinner music volumes, they may have a hard time doing so. The most ideal spot for Grandma would be as far away from the DJ as possible. Typically, your younger guests should have no problem hearing & engaging in conversation at those tables closest to the sound system.
( This is especially true for anyone who wears hearing aids.  The volume from the speakers can be painful to hearing aid wearers, even at a low volume)

2 — When making your floor plan, let your DJ help.
Catering and wedding planners can put together some beautiful floor plans that work well for food & beverage. However, an experienced DJ will be able to give you some great tips on arranging a room to maximize the overall success for the entertainment portion of the evening.
(Ideally - the DJ needs to be close to the dancefloor and should have room in front of their setup so people can come up and make requests etc)

3 — Have a Timeline flow chart for the evening.
Timelines are the best way to organize everything from cocktails & dinner to cake cutting & dancing. Your DJ can help make a flow chart that works for you. The specific times you outline may not actually work out to-the-minute, but it will for sure make the evening flow smoother without accidently leaving anything out.
( our planners and Timeline forms do just that!)

4 — If you have a wedding planner, don’t forget to connect them with the DJ.
This is overlooked more often than you would think. When it comes to a well planned reception, it’s always best when all of your vendors are on the same page.
(it is crucial to a smooth event that the DJ, Wedding Planner, and Photographer all to know when you want to cut the cake, etc and work together to make it perfect)

5 — Hire a DJ you trust.
This person will play a big part in the most important day of your life. Regardless of price, make sure it’s someone you like, understands what you want & don’t want, and can Help Make Your Reception As Successful As Possible.

( 2 Wolves DJ Service prides itself in working to help you make your wedding the one you always dreamed it would be!)

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