Allowing Guests to Request Music Without Worry - Let The DJ Handle It

At any party, be it a wedding reception, prom, birthday or company event, your main concern is for everyone to have a good time.  When it comes to the music, one way is to allow the DJ to take requests.

  But, is that always a good idea?

Lets see.....
1. If you allow requests - you will not have to worry about selecting many songs, nor will you have to worry about the DJ playing some obscure dub-step version of something you never heard of.
BUT - your guests just may request a strange song you never heard of.

2. If you allow requests - there is a chance your guests will ask for songs you totally forgot about and love.
BUT - they may ask for songs you totally hate.

3. If you allow requests- you friends may request songs that bring back some great memories
BUT - they may be memories you don't want.

4. If you allow requests - it insures everyone gets a chance to hear their favorite song
BUT - their favorite song maybe too vulgar, a break-up song (Big no-no at weddings), or something no one can dance to.

How can you allow Requests and avoid such issues?

1. Start with a Must Play List - submit a list of at least 10 - 20 songs to your DJ that he/she Must Play.
2. Add in another 10-20 songs that you would like to hear if possible.
3. Go over with your DJ what you envision the event to be like.  Fun, with alot of fast songs,..... romantic, with mostly slower songs, .... or a nice balanced mix ( recommended )  Be sure to let your DJ know if you like Country , Pop, Hip Hop, etc
4. Have a Do Not Play List - If you will gag if you hear Bieber's "Baby, Baby" or the "Chicken Dance" ... be sure to add to this list.
5. Ask you DJ how they handle requests.  Do they have 'clean' versions of the songs?  How do they handle those 'non dance-able' song requests?  Request from children? etc
6. Set an age limit - Kids can take over a wedding or family gathering with requests. Setting an age limit can help prevent that - or a limit to number of requests.

One way to keep requests to a minimum is to keep in mind your guests when selecting songs.  Include songs you know Grandma will love as well as the younger crowd.
We have a list of tips on How to Select Music here : Tips on Choosing Music for Wedding Reception 
Good tips for any event.

A good DJ can help you find the right balance of music you want to hear and requests from your guests.  Be sure to discuss requests and how they handle them before hiring.

By: Susan Giles - 2 Wolves DJ Service - Fort Payne, AL


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