Tips on Choosing Music for Wedding Reception

Get your Reception Dancing!

Choosing the music for your reception can be a daunting task.  You know what songs you like, but what about your guests?  Yes, the day should be a reflection of you and your beloved life together, but if you both love hip-hop and invite Grandma, she probably will not be up shaking it on the dance-floor.  Not to mention coming up with music to fill an entire evening alone can be a chore.  But it need not be overwhelming.  Here are some basic tips when it comes to the music.

  1. You don't need four plus hours of music - at least, you don't have to select it all yourself.  A good DJ can fill in with appropriate selections based on what few you select.
  2. Think of your Guests - Include songs your parents and other older guests would like.  Add some fun songs for the kids.  Toss in songs you and your friends always crank up when you hear them played on the radio.
  3. Mix it up - Do a fairly good mix of genres.  Not into country? - maybe some of the newer crossover hits. 
  4. Avoid Rap - So you two love rap.  Still I recommend avoiding.  Rap as a genre - for the most part - does not provide for good dancing.  And the lyrics of many rap songs are found to be offensive to some people.
  5. Pump It Up -  Yes, this is the most romantic day of your lives.  And you want the wonderful slow dances.  But too many of them and the guests will get restless.  Be sure to add some great club dance tunes so they can shake it.
  6. Think Dance - You have a song you totally love - you know all the words and sing along every time you hear it.  But Can you dance to it?  Unless you are doing Karaoke, have DJ play those type of songs during Dinner/Cocktail time.
  7. Watch The Language - Be sure to insist on all songs being the radio edited version.  If there is not one available, then you really dont need that song at your wedding.
  8. Include the Line Dances - You know, The Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide.  Even the YMCA can be fun.  Don't know them?  Check out You Tube - they have instructional videos.
  9. Allow Requests - Allow your DJ to play requests from your guests.  If your DJ cannot play requests, find another one who can.
  10. Listen to the Radio - Keep a notepad handy and write down the title and artist to songs you hear that you would love to play at your wedding.
  11. Add some Meaningful Songs - Songs that remind you of milestones.  First Date, First Kiss, when he proposed, etc.
  12. ASK FOR HELP - Ask your parents, bridal party, friends, cousins, etc for some good songs.  And most of all - Ask your DJ.  
What suggestions do you have for great reception songs?  What songs do you cringe at when you hear it played at a wedding?

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