Games People Play - Weddings and other Party Ideas

Nothing is worse than a dull party.  Now you maybe thinking " But GAMES??  We are too old for games!"  But you would be surprised how well received and fun they can be - not to mention a great ice breaker.
We have had a few played at parties we have DJed and with much success  - here are a few:

  • Trivia - At a recent birthday 60th party, the wife gave me a list of questions about the birthday boy.  In between songs, I asked the guests the questions.  It provided a fun trip down the course of the Birthday guy's life.  Questions like:
  1. How Many Grandchildren does he have?
  2. Where was his favorite spot to take his kids on vacation?
  3. What was his first car?
This could be done for retirement parties, Anniversaries, Weddings also.

  • Generations Dance - Honor the longest Married Couple with a Generations Dance.  DJ will invite all couples up to dance floor.  As song is played and they are dancing, the DJ would have them leave dance floor by length of marriage - 1year , 5 years, etc - until only the longest married couple is still dancing.
Even those who don't dance much love this!

  • Door Prize Giveaway via cake plate - Number the bottom of the cake plates.  After everyone has a slice of cake - Have DJ randomly draw numbers for small prizes you provide.
This is a good way not to have alot of left over cake and great for adults as well as kids parties


  • Table Dances - Have line dances written on slips and in a hat.  Have DJ get everyone from one table up to dance floor and draw one of the dances.  That Table must start the dance - and then the DJ can invite more up to the floor
Great way to get everyone dancing!

What games have you seen done?

Article by: Susan Leak - 2Wolves DJ Service

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