Songs to make Cake Cutting Sweeter

JD and Amanda Stanley enjoying their cake

One of the time honored traditions of weddings is the Cake Cutting.   It is the first "task" they do together as husband and wife - symbolizing they commitment to always help each other.
Afterwards, they feed each other a piece of the cake - symbolic of the mutual commitment to provide for one another.

This tradition can be a sentimental moment or a fun one.  Surely all of us have witnessed mini 'Cake fights' where he couple ends up wearing more of the cake than eating it.  The song played should be a reflection of the mood the couple wants to convey and of the couple themselves.

Here is a few top choices  - some romantic - some more up beat and fun:

  1. Hit Me With Your Best Shot    -  Pat Benetar
  2. Smile                                       -  Uncle Kracker
  3. Sugar Sugar                             -  Archies
  4. Pour Some Sugar On Me         -  Def Leppard
  5. How Sweet It Is                      -  James Taylor
  6. Lucky                                      -  Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
  7. At Last                                    - Etta James (Beyonce does this well also)
  8. Lost In The Moment                -  Big and Rich
  9. Love Story                               - Taylor Swift
  10. That's Amore                            - Dean Martin
  11. I Can't Help Myself                   - Four Tops (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)
  12. All you Need Is Love                - Beatles
Some couples choose to have a Grooms Cake also.  You can cut this as well, or have the staff do it.  If you do cut it, the DJ can continue playing the 'Cake Cutting' Song you selected, or you can select one to be reflexive of the Grooms style.  One Idea, is if it is his college Team colors and theme, have the school's "Fight Song" played.

If you chose to do Cupcakes (which is becoming wildly popular)  Simply cut one of them, or have a small cake for the ceremony.

Be sure to have your DJ announce the cake cutting and have the photographer ready.   And be prepared to wear some icing .

If there has been a unique Cake Cutting Song you had or hear at a wedding - let us know! 


  1. I agree with your list... how about "On this day" by David Pomaranz? that;s beautiful too.

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