How To Select The Best Music For Your Wedding

Music is a staple of any wedding or party.  It sets the mood via beat, melody and lyrics.  Choosing the right songs can make or break the whole event.  Focusing on Weddings, lets see how the music can enhance the day.

Ceremony - The guests are arriving and the DJ is playing some pre ceremony selections.  The setting is a beautiful country barn setting, fields in the background.  What style of music would you expect to hear? Many of you probably are thinking Country, which would be the obvious choice.  But don't rule out other styles.  Instrumentals versions of soft love songs would also fit well, along with classical pieces, especially if you are walking down the aisle to something classical/traditional or a soft Pop song.  You want the Pre Ceremony music to complete your setting.

Cocktail/Dinner Music - Like Pre Ceremony music, it is something to be played softly in the background - not to interfere with conversation. Can be a grouping of easy listening songs or something more upbeat. But you want the guests to enjoy their meal and converse - so saving the heavier dance tunes for the dancing hours is recommended.
Cocktail/Dinner hour is the one part of the day your older guests will be there for, so it is also recommended to take them into consideration when selecting the music.

Your "Special" Songs - The First dance, Father and bride dance, Mother and groom dance.   All should have special meaning to you.  Traditionally the song is something slow and romantic, with lyrics that express the love and emotions the pair dancing have for one another.  
Granted, you and your spouse may have a private special meaning of a song, lets say for example - "I Love The Way You Lie" - but your guests may not 'get it'.
Now, say the Groom and Mom can really tear up the dance floor to a Jive or Cha Cha.  Should they? Sure! Why not!  Same goes for the happy couple.  Making it fun can be a reflection of your love.

General Dance Music - When selecting your music for your dancing hours - remember your guests.  You want everyone to have fun right?  So a wide variety of songs is highly recommended.  You know that your Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe love to waltz? Consider adding "Could I Have This Dance?" (Ann Murray)  - Mom and Dad love to Two Step? - "Forever and Ever, Amen (Randy Travis)  etc.  You want to keep the dancing going - so be sure many of the songs are upbeat, fun and sprinkle in some of the wonderful romantic slow songs (like Wonderful Tonight) that even Grandpa will want to dance to.  The main thing is to remember - ask yourself - can people dance to it?  And don't forget the fun line dances - The Cha Cha Slide, Cupid Shuffle, even the YMCA can be fun for all ages.

There are some songs that maybe not so much good 'dance songs' - but more along the lines of 'sing along songs' - Living on a Prayer, Wagon Wheel, Don't Stop Believin, Sweet Home Alabama to name a few - that everyone enjoys singing along to while dancing.  Always a fun time.

Two main things to guarantee a wedding to remember - Allow guests to request some songs and choose a Good DJ that will not only help you with your music - but will screen the guests requests for any song that may not 'fit' your reception . You don't want Rap at a country wedding nor do you want songs with F-Bombs around the older guests and or children.

Don't overwork yourself trying to come up with a ton of tunes.  A good DJ can take a few selections from you and put together a night filled with great music that truly reflects you and your wedding.

After all ... the music is an very important part - The songs when heard again will bring back memories of your special day for both you and your guests.  So choose your DJ wisely.

By: Susan Giles - DJ/customer relations - 2 Wolves DJ Service


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  2. Thank you for sharing your thought and ideas of what to prepare for a wedding music before hiring a wedding dj sydney.All you have mention above are the things to remember in selecting music for wedding.

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