Be a Great Wedding Guest

Weddings are a very special day for the couple, and if they invited you to join them it is truly an honor.  Sadly, some don't realize that being a good and gracious guest does require some finesse.


1. Show up on time for the ceremony.   Actually plan on arriving a little early.  That way if traffic is bad you will still make it in time.
Should something go haywire and you do arrive late - stand or sit in the back - don't disrupt the ceremony by tramping down aisle to sit up front.
2. Stay seated until the entire wedding party departs from the altar.
3. If the couple allows pictures by guests - take them from your seat - do not run around trying to get the best angle - they often have a professional photographer for that.

1.  When they are having the professional photos done - go enjoy the cocktail hour.  Dont be taking photos of them also.
2. Don't ask during this time to have one taken of you and the bride.  If the bride wants one she will ask you to be there.
3.  Take plenty of pictures at the reception - just be sure not to get in way of the professional the couple hired.
4. Focus more on the candid shots - often the professional photographer will miss them.

Food and Drinks
1. Be sure to indulge without overindulging.  Don't pile your plate with all the shrimp - and do not overdo the alcohol.
2. If you enjoyed the meal - be sure to tell the staff.  If there is a Bartender - be sure to tip them - especially if it is an open bar.

1. DANCE! Someone has to start the dancing, why not you? You will not be alone of the floor long.
2. If allowed, don't be shy about requesting a song.  Just remember it is a Wedding - it is a dance - so the song should be appropriate.
3. No - the DJ does not want to play your favorite song off your phone.  Dont ask.
4. Unless it is a wedding with Karaoke - NO you can not have the mike to sing this song.
5. NO you may not have the mike to give a toast or speech - not unless the couple says you can.
6. The DJ will work your request into the night - No you may not hear it NOW.
7. If the song you requested is on the "Do Not Play List" do NOT go whining to the bride you want to hear it.
8. It is a dancefloor - not a playground for kids.  If you have a bunch of kids running, sliding, lying down on the floor, it makes it impossible for adults to dance.  Dont let your kids monopolize the dance area.
9. Just because you requested a song - does not mean it will get played. Hence the term "Request".
10 Have fun and just dance! No one cares if you got 'moves' or not.

When to Leave
1. If you have small children that are getting cranky.
2. Before you have that 'one drink too many'
3. Dont leave right after the Cake, or Bouquet Toss, or "Fake Exit" - there is still more fun to be had.
4.  But don't feel like you have to hang around till the end either.  And be sure to thank the Couple for the invite.

BY: Susan Giles - DJ/Customer Service - 2 Wolves DJ Service -visit us at or Facebook

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