Wedding Band or Wedding DJ? Which is a better choice?

As a DJ we often hear from Brides saying "We are trying to decide between having a band at the wedding or a DJ" Outside of the fact both provide music, there is a vast difference in the two.
When planning a wedding you are faced with alot of decisions, and one of the most important ones being entertainment.  Bands do offer a cool 'live music' effect, but there are several reasons why a DJ would be a stronger choice.
With the exception of a few strictly "Wedding Bands" - DJs not only bring the music, but so much more to the table.

DJs offer:

Lighting - we offer both dance floor lighting and Up Lighting to set the mood and enhance the setting.

Music - Bands are limited by what they know... and often have their own 'style' of doing each song.  A DJ travels with a vast library of music, allowing a more expansive selection across every genre, allowing your guests freedom in requesting songs as well as you having freedom to have - for example - Jazz or classical at Dinner and great dance songs for the reception.  Also, the songs are the originals - done by the artist the way you and your guests know them to be.

MC - Many bands (and some DJs) can be weak at MCing a wedding and keeping the evening flowing smoothly.  A good wedding DJ offers Full Mcing and "Day Of Coordination"  of the evening, from Grand Intro to Final Dance.  They will keep up with your timeline and while being flexible, will make sure all the Highlights of your Wedding are covered.

Ceremony Music - If you want your choice of entertainment to cover the ceremony as well, a DJ is the Stronger choice.  They again, offer a wider range of songs and a good Wedding DJ is a true asset during the Ceremony.  With helping co-ordinating the Bridal Party for the walk down the Aisle, and offering Lapel Microphone for your officiant , we bring more to the table than most.

Cost - Yes, even DJs can be expensive, but unless you are just hiring in one of your local bands, a Professional Wedding Band will tend to be a lot more than a Professional Wedding DJ.

We have a number of packages to fit any budget while not sacrificing quality and allowing you to have true professional entertainment for your big day.  Please feel free to visit our section on our packages :

Again - this is one of the most important factors of a great wedding - we want you to be confident that you have the one best suited for you.  Be to compare what a Band versus a DJ brings to the table and make the best selection for your needs.

By: Susan Giles - DJ - MC - Customer Relations for 2 Wolves DJ Service - Fort Payne, AL


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