DIY - I can DJ my own Wedding ... Really?

Planning to try to DJ your own wedding via an ipod or internet service like Spotify?  One word - DON'T.  
No, not just because we are a DJ Service, there are so many reasons why hiring a Professional Wedding DJ is smarter and worth the money.

When you choose to try to DJ your own wedding, there are things you must plan for.

1. You will need a way to plug into speaker system - some venues do provide this, at a fee.
2. You will have to pick out enough music to fill the whole evening - plus arrange it in a reasonable playlist consistent with the flow of the event.
3. You will need someone constantly monitoring the setup - to keep your friends from saying "I hate this song" and hitting skip or adding songs that they want to hear (have seen fights erupt over this)
4. You will need someone do all the announcements - announce you into the room, first dance, etc - which you will also need a microphone for (unless you have a really loud friend).
5.  If using a streaming service - you will need a backup plan for if the connection gets dropped or internet goes out.
6. You also must be ready for your friends to bug you throughout the night about what song they want to hear next.

A professional DJ Service takes the hassle out of the music part of your day.  With a DJ you will:

1. Have a complete sound system setup
2. Have Dance Floor and/or Up Lighting to enhance the atmosphere
3. You still will be able to compile a list of songs you want, but with a DJ you will not have to find 4 plus hours worth
4.  The DJ will handle all announcements - from Grand Entrance to Bouquet Toss and Last Dance.
5. DJs have a vast library of music on their computers  - and can do requests from your guests -- and can also screen those requests, so a song that is not appropriate at a wedding does not get played.
6. You are Guaranteed to have the best background music for dinner - and have the switch to Dance music perfectly at the appropriate time.
7. A DJ keeps your guests happy - they read the crowd, and will pick the songs to keep them having a good time.
8. A DJ will also serve as Day Of Event Coordinator - keep you on track of time and make sure all know that you are cutting the cake, Having your First dance etc ..
(if your DJ does not offer that - find one who does)

In short - a Professional DJ is well worth the money - they not only provide the music, but they work tirelessly in keeping your guests happy, the evening flowing,  allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day.

Bottom line is - No one ever says they had a blast at a Wedding because the flowers were beautiful, the photographer took many pictures, or even the the food was good .... it is the DJ that makes it fun.

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