Get the Groom Involved in Wedding Planning

Weddings should be a reflection of your style - for both you AND your future spouse.  Too many brides tend to overlook the groom's style in the excitement of planning the "Perfect Wedding".  And then, on the other hand - too many grooms simply sit back and say "Whatever you want" .  Planning a wedding should be a joint effort - but just how can you get the groom involved?

There are things you can do to incorporate and meld together different styles.

1. Groom and groomsmen Attire : Ties can be reflective of their passion - School or sports team colors or themed, Camouflage print in any color to still match the Bridesmaids,  a small charm added to the boutonniere symbolizing a passion or profession etc., even simply allowing cowboy boots or sneakers for footwear can make a huge difference.

2. Grooms Cake:  This should totally reflect the Groom.  Get his input!  If he is not big on cakes, we have seen a tier of donuts,  piles of cookies, pies, even shots of liquor used in lieu of a cake.

3. Pick out your First Dance Song together:   Make it a song with true meaning to the both of you.  If the groom is one of those 'over the moon' romantic types - let him surprise you with the first dance song - picking out one that he feels conveys his love.

4. Groom and Mother Dance song: No brainer here - he must help pick this one.

5. The Bar: If serving alcohol , delegate the selections served to the groom.

6. The General Music : More and more grooms are taking over the music selecting process.  With a professional DJ, the bride can rest assured that the groom will have plenty of guidance and the DJ will also add to the list appropriate number of slow and fast songs to balence it out.

No - generally the groom is not going to really care what color ribbon you use, what the flowers look like etc - but you can get them involved in selecting some things that make the wedding truly special.  Afterall - Marriage is the joining of two into one.

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