Murphy's Law and Weddings - If It Can Go Wrong .....

Wedding horror stories.  We have all heard them and every bride swears it 'won't happen at MY wedding' ... but it can.  
Murphy's Law is real  ... Mother Nature is  a moody lady ... and God has a sense of humor

But, with a little planning you can avoid many 'Disasters'.

 1) Children 

Yes, its cute to have little flower girls and ring bearers,  but any wedding day is a long one , often starting with pictures hours before ceremony, and kids get cranky.  A few steps can help keep down the meltdowns if you really want the little urchins to be part of your big day.

A) Have them show up later -  about an hour before the ceremony, dressed and ready to go.

B) If that cannot be arranged, assign someone the kids know ( and like) to watch after them.  Equip this person with Coloring books and other small toys, or ipads with  video games and movies and plenty of snacks and drinks.  And a place indoors - away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding prep.  Even consider pillows to take a nap.

2) Pictures

It IS the most important day of a couples life, and yes, you want pictures to capture the moments.  But, you do not want the whole day be of you standing for pictures ... you do want to have some fun, right?
Again, planning is the key.

A) Plan out what you really want with your photographer beforehand . Do you really want a group picture of you and all your cousins?  A picture of you both with the entire bridal party and one with just the groom and the entire bridal party AND another with just the bride and the entire bridal party? 

B)  Don't be afraid to let the Photographer handle those extended family members and friend who 'insist' on having them take one with you and them.  A Good photographer will let them know they can take one at the reception, AFTER they are through.

C) Plan out ahead of time what and how many 'staged' pictures you want, you know, the ones where everyone looks surprised, mad, glad, sad, or looking at their phones, or holding each others leg in the air while sticking their tongue out.   If you dont want any - tell the photographer so.

D) Get as many pictures done before the ceremony as possible.  And  keep track of time for the after ceremony photos.  Remember, you have guests waiting !

3) We Will Have Perfect Weather

Planning an outdoor affair?  Like I said in the beginning - Mother Nature is a Moody Lady. 

A) Visit the Venue during the hour you plan on having ceremony.  The spot maybe nice and shady at 2pm but in the blaring sun at 3pm.

B) Have a backup plan.  If it rains, turns off too hot or cold, etc - a backup location will be needed.  And move the location BEFORE you start the ceremony - don't risk having your guests getting soaked .

C) For more on outdoor event planning click OUTDOOR WEDDING

4) Too Much To Do - Too Little Time

Don't try to 'do it all yourself'  Planning a wedding is hard enough, keeping it flowing smoothly is a job and a half.

A) Depend on the Team - your Bridal Party - especially the Maid/Matron-of-Honor and the Best Man are to do more than 'just show up to party'.  They are the make sure you have everything,  keep track of the time,  and run interference for you with the rest of the guests as you get ready.

B) Let someone else decorate!  You can have say so, even make some of the decor, but have someone else actually do the decorating and set up.  

C) Same goes for the food and the cake.

D) Hire in a good DJ - someone who can keep things flowing smoothly, hype the crowd up for your big Grand Enterance,  makes sure he photographer is ready to capture the romantic first dance, the tearful Father and Bride/ Mother and Groom dances,  the fun fight for the bouquet toss.  And they will keep the whole evening fun for everyone.

Even the perfectly planned wedding will not go perfectly ... but a little planning does avoid alot of the glitches.  Rely on your hired professionals - they are, afterall, the ones that have really 'seen it all' when it comes to wedding day problems and know just how to ensure it is a wonderful day.

What tips can you add to this?? Feel free to leave comment! 

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